Fry’s Sale….Just a few great sale items for you to check out!!

Here’s what I bought last night, I don’t think I did too bad:

3 Nutella’s .99 each used (3-$2.00 off coupons)

2 Rockstar energy drinks .88 each (no coupon necessary.)

8 cans of chicken of the sea .50 each (no coupon necessary.)

4 bottles of Nivea Body Wash (this is my favorite) 1.50 each (used 2 3.00/2 body washes)

2 bottles of Nivea Body Lotion 2.50 each (used 2 $2.00 off each lotion)

2 Nivea Lip Care 1.50 each (used 3.00/2 coupon)

3- 6 pack bottles of Coke Zero for 2.49 (this is a great price when the vending machine at my husband’s work sales them for 1.50 each)

3 containers of Blackberries .87 each (no coupon necessary.)

Total out of pocket (oop)=$32.83 before tax!!!

savings of $60.03 for a 55% savings!!