Monday Coupon Review-Coupon Mania

Did you all get your paper yesterday?  Did you all get the ENORMOUS amount of coupons in the paper?  I did!  And I’m coupon crazy!  As I started to prepare the review today I totally became overwhelmed.  There are deals EVERYWHERE!  I’m going to get with Juli and get some of the best posted.  So instead of specific coupons, let me run over the highlights!

1.  All kinds of Health and Beauty Coupons: Vitamins, Bandaids, health and fitness products, Shampoo, and for whatever ails you the list goes on and on!  Tons of HBA coupons!  TONS!!!

2. Coupons for stock up items.  Here in Arizona we’re in the middle of Fry’s Mega Sale, and now is the time to stock up on your pantry essentials.  Do not miss out!

3. Wal-Mart, CVS and Target are having big, huge, fantastic sales this week.  If you’ve never shopped CVS this is the week to do it!  Extra Care bucks abound!  Ya’ll know I love CVS, but this week you ALL need to go and fall in love with them!

I usually pull out specific coupons, but since there were so many this week I just wanted to keep ya’ll updated on what to look for.

People this is not the week to stop couponing!  This is the week to start!

A friend of mine saved over $12, 000 in 2015 using coupons.  She said that brought her six-year coupon savings to over $58, 000!  Come on get on board and save some money!  Let us help you!