On the 10th day of Christmas

Happy2bsavin gave to me a surprise Lego pre release!

Ok Savers here it is.  Lego has introduced Elsa’s Sparkling Castle!  For any Lego lover who also loves Frozen it is a must!

This is a brand new set from Lego, and it is scheduled to be releases Jan 1, 2015, but a few Target store has the set NOW!  No one knows the details, the more I try to find out the more I can’t find out!  Lego swears they are not releasing until Jan 1, 2015 but it’s in a few Target stores now!  A mistake? a Happy Accident? or a Surprise pre release?? who knows?! but it’s a great find if your Target store has it!
So go find it!  Let us know if you do!  I got mine!!

2014-12-18 17.25.38