On the 2nd day of Christmas

Happy2bsavin gave to me, some really fun holiday treats!

If you want to bake with the kids head to the grocery store and pick up some ready made cookie sheets.  All you have to do then is cut out the cookies and decorate!  It’s an easy way to create some memories with the kids and a lot less work for you!

Now I headed over to Pinterest and found some goodies that looked delicious.  I added the links so you can head right over and check them out!  Also follow our Pinterest page as we add more ideas and continue to grow!

Homemade gumdrops. They look so yummy! When I was growing up my grandmother always had gumdrops of some sort at her house. Her favorites were the orange slices, and spice drops. To this day whenever I have gumdrops I think of my Grandma.


Another fun and easy Christmas treat.  This would be great to make with the kids!  mmmmmmm chocolate and pretzels!  Yummy!


Now this is decadent!  If you are feeling adventurous then check this one out!  Ohhhhh my blood sugar just went up 1000 points, and I just looked at the picture! LOL


And finally I’ll leave you with the show stopper!



Enjoy your holiday and bake up some treats!  If you make any of these delicious goodies, feel free to send us a picture!

Happy Holidays!