On the 7th day of Christmas

Happy2bsavin gave to me….some really fun ideas to make memories!

Yes I know I’m a day late!  I’m so very sorry.  I was making memories with family yesterday and totally lost track of time.  I got home from church, finished a few coupon things and I was exhausted!  Please forgive me.

For the 7th day here are some fun ideas to make some memories.  Go with family, friends, whomever you want to hang out with, just have fun and enjoy yourself.

1. Drive around and look at Christmas Lights.  There are some great displays out there!

2. Get together and sing Christmas song, fix hot chocolate and just enjoy each other’s company.

3. Go to church as a family.

4.If you’re like me and don’t have your Christmas Tree up yet, set a special time and decorate it.  Play Christmas music and have some goodies and enjoy the magic of the season.

5. If you are brave, Christmas Eve shopping!  My husband and I used to do this, before kids of course!  We would set a limit and head to one store and each go in separately and shop for the other!  We couldn’t go over the limit (I usually did) and it could be anything in the store!  It was crazy, and wild and it was a lot of fun!

6. Ice skating

7. Sleigh ride

8. If you live in an area that doesn’t have snow (ohhhh how I don’t miss the snow!), maybe travel to an area where there is snow for a short trip.  For me in Phoenix it’s just a two-hour drive to reach the area of Arizona that gets snow.  I haven’t made that trip yet, my kids keep begging me to go, but so far I’ve avoided it!  As you can see I’m not a big fan of the white stuff!

9. Throw an ugly sweater party.

10. Stop, relax, and reflect and enjoy your family.  Make memories telling stories, create a new tradition, whatever.  Find something new to draw you closer to your family.


Thank you for your understanding about the lateness of this post.  Stay tuned and later today I will have day 8 up!