On the 8th day of Christmas

Happy2bsavin gave to me, ideas for when the kids are on break!

Oh it’s that time of the year again, the kids are counting down the hours until school is out.  The parents are stocking up at the liquor store…I mean are joyfully waiting until the little darlings are home for two whole weeks!  Seriously what do you do for the kids when they are on break.  It won’t be long after the presents are unwrapped they will start with the famous chorus that children though all the ages have sang…”mommmmmm I’m booooorrrrrred!  And so it begins.  I am going to give you some ideas today to keep the kids occupied and engaged.  Check our Pinterest and see what we’re pinning for the those boring days of the holiday break!

I know with my three we are going to try to make some cookies, make some crafty things, I’m counting on help with that one, and just spend time going to the park and other fun things we do in the winter in Arizona!

Here’s the link to our board…check it out!  As always if you do anything thing fun over winter break take some pictures and let us know!  We’d love to highlight them on our site after the holidays!

To all the teachers that follow us, You deserve the break!  You deserve more than any of us can ever say or do to thank you for what you are giving to our children.  Enjoy your time off.  Be ready though because when break is over my three kids will be first in the drop off line at school!