Run to Kohl’s on Black Friday or Online to Kohl’s NOW!!!!!!


Check it out!!! I ordered mine this morning.

Great Deal at Kohl’s:

Order 3 items=$4.10 after MIR and Kohl’s Cash

For example

1 Panini maker=19.99


1 waffle maker=19.99

1 griddle=19.99

=59.97-9.00 Use promo code Thanks15 To save 9

=50.00 +TAX

=55.10 (with tax)

Receive free shipping on $50.00


Then you will receive $15.00 in kohl’s cash to spend in the store


Then complete rebate for $12.00 back for each item in a prepaid visa=36.00

Once rebate is received

You receive all three items for $4.10 (these would be great gifts)

You can also receive rebates for up to 5 items in each household.


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crock-pot was out of stock when I checked to day at 5:10 p.m. but the others are still available!all items included in the rebate

wafflecrockpotpanini   griddle